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    Stendo Pulsotherapy®
    Technique of cardiosynchronised tissue mobilisation, activation of fluid flows and stimulation of endothelial biology


Stendo® Pulsotherapy : the most advanced approach to veno-lymphatic stimulation

massage cardio synchronisé

Pulsotherapy is a cardio-synchronised tissue mobilisation system created on the basis of medical research that won a Nobel Prize for Medicine. A globally patented innovation, it acts locally in perfect harmony with the heartbeat. This localised massage action is transformed into a deep, global effect: blood circulation is activated throughout the body and lymphatic flow is redirected towards the collectors.

stimulateur endothélial

Our difference : genuine mechanobiological action, a "whole body" effect

Stendo® as an ENDOthelial STimulator. The endothelium is a tissue made up of cells lining the inner wall of all vessels, from the largest to the smallest, whether blood or lymphatic. It guarantees the efficiency of a 170,000 km network, which is essential for the nutrition of our cells, the proper functioning of our organs and our immune system. How can we preserve and stimulate it? By setting the flow in motion, because, like the muscles or the skin, the endothelium requires mechanical stimulation to be activated and play its predominant role in the body.

appareil massage electrique professionnel

Multi-layer pulsating massage modules for outstanding tissue contact

Thanks to its stratified structure, incorporating an internal layer of gel (patented by Stendo®), the pulsatile combination provides deep, global mechanical mobilisation of both the skin and the blood and lymphatic vessels. Depending on the choice of pulsatility intensity, dynamics and duration of the session, the physiological effects can be precisely targeted to the objective of each session. Twelve independent compartments make up the structure of the suit, and the pulsatile compressions create a centripetal, homogenous dynamic that is interposed in real time between each heartbeat.

Our body products

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