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At the heart of our mission ; awaken the circulatory potential of the human being.

Since its creation, Stendo has been committed to pushing back the boundaries of proposals to improve the quality of life of every individual by offering the possibility of acting in a profound and unprecedented way on the circulatory system, the essential foundation of human life.
Using innovative technologies based on Nobel Prize-winning discoveries in medicine, we are creating an alliance of circulatory, tissue and cellular actions capable of revealing the potential for unprecedented results. We refuse to separate these essential elements of life; on the contrary, we unite them in a global approach that combines :

Health :

We do everything we can to enable healthcare professionals determined to have a positive impact on their patients' quality of life to achieve new goals, particularly in their most complex treatments.

Well-being :

At Stendo, we want wellbeing to be a renewed promise. We are working to restore its true meaning by offering technologies capable of propelling individuals towards a profound and lasting sense of well-being.

Beauty :

In collaboration with beauty professionals, we are committed to being the architects of unprecedented beauty, slimming and aesthetic results thanks to technologies that are amplifiers capable of transcending expectations, creating visible and lasting transformations.

Stendo it's :

3 fields of expertise
More than 400 equipped centers
150,000 sessions a year
1+1, local action and whole body effect

Stendo® Laboratoire

17, rue du Port 27400 Louviers

Phone : +33 2 32 09 41 60

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