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    Stendo :
    Committed to the Health and Women's Well-Being

Woman's health

Cultivating optimal blood circulation : An essential pillar for women's quality of life

Circulatory health is at the heart of women's well-being, influencing various aspects of quality of life. As the most advanced solution for acting at the heart of the circulatory system, Stendo Pulsotherapy offers a natural and effective solution for a holistic approach to women's health and well-being.

Pulsotherapy and Pelvic Health: Stimulate vascular cells for unprecedented physiological effects

Well-regulated blood flow can significantly reduce genito- pelvic pain, improving comfort and quality of life on a daily basis. Thanks to its profound action on the reactivity of vascular cells and its ability to gently and progressively mobilise the pelvic area, Pulsotherapy is a highly appreciated tool for relieving localised pain and generally improving the daily quality of life of women suffering from genito- pelvic pain.

Main indications :


Inflammatory pain

Pelvic congestion


Pulsotherapy and Senology: Holistic Post-Breast Cancer Support

Pulsotherapy, a powerful ally in senology, offers significant benefits for the consequences of breast cancer.

Acting early, locally and at a distance from the operated area

In the post-operative phase, Pulsotherapy helps to restore a healthy vascular terrain. Essential for countering severe post-treatment vascular and/or lymphatic deficits, it improves skin quality, prevents fibrosis and combats pain, inflammation and oedema.


"Pulsotherapy acts at a distance from the operated area. It is a good approach for women undergoing breast cancer surgery. It has both a physical and psychological effect."

Marie-Caroline, physiotherapist - Saint Laurent du Var (06)

Acting beyond the local consequences, towards a return to optimal quality of life

Pulsotherapy goes beyond local consequences. It addresses generalised pain, polyneuropathy and general weakness, acting on the physiological effects of treatment. The session becomes a privileged moment, a break from everyday life, offering benefits in terms of sleep, recovery and quality of life.


"Pulsotherapy works very well on chemotherapy-related neuropathy. Its global action makes it a good tool to use in therapeutic deadlock situations."

Ingrid, physiotherapist - Toulon (83)

Stendo Pulsotherapy applied to the upper limbs :

The devices in the STENDO BODY range can be supplied with an arm sleeve, combining delicate tissue mobilisation, deep vascular stimulation and lymphatic action without a skin return effect. In this way, it can meet the priority needs of senology and be combined with a more global approach with the trousers capable of delivering a whole-body action.


"I have a patient who had no problems for fifteen years, then her arm swelled up overnight. With her, I use the arm sleeve and alternate more general sessions with the trousers to obtain a combination of localised and more general effects."

Myriam, physiotherapist - Hesdin (62)

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