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  • Performance and recovery
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Performance and recovery

Sports medicine professionals, Sports & Health physiotherapists, training centres, high-level athletes and regular practitioners, Stendo® Pulsotherapy offers you a new vision of post-exercise recovery and injury management. The main advantage of the Stendo® Pulsotherapy process is to bring together all the conditions for a return to homeostasis, in very short times, in an extremely simple and pleasant way for the athlete. In a genuine 'regeneration' process, Stendo® Pulsotherapy stimulates vascular dilatation by the nitric oxide pathway (endothelial stimulation), boosts the lymphatic pathways and mobilises muscle groups.

3 combined actions for a synergy of recovery effects

Global circulatory action

Stendo® Pulsotherapy activates the veno-lymphatic flows by stimulating the physiological processes of training and recovery, in a very short period of time and without any constraint for the athlete.

Deep muscle action

Stendo® Pulsotherapy tissue mobilization promotes the healing process of micro-lesions, optimizes the reconstruction of muscle fibres, mobilises the fascia and regulates the inflammatory processes.

Action on the autonomous nervous system

The quality of Stendo® cardio-synchronized massage in the diastolic phase produces relaxing effects and promotes post-exercise sleep.

Stendo® Pulsotherapy a cardio-synchronized bio-mechanical stimulation that deeply optimizes the circulatory processes

Performance is largely conditioned by the perfect bio-mechanics of each gesture and by the body's capacity for recovery. By creating the best conditions for eliminating their metabolic waste, athletes improve their training programs, reduce the risks associated with technopathies in their sport (pubalgia, inflammation, joint wear, fibrosis, reduction in muscle visco-elasticity) and more easily return to their high level of performance.

Stendo® Pulsotherapy improves recovery and thus promotes performance by reducing the risk of injury.

”The efficiency in the recovery process must be validated by the only person who can really judge it: the athlete! And within the Arkea-Samsic team, many cyclists use the Stendo® process after exercise; one advantage of particular interest is to be noted: the cyclist can use the machine in total autonomy".

Doctor Jean-Jacques Menuet,

Sports doctor and medical manager of the Arkea Samsic pro cycling team.

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