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  • Beauty, harmony and well-being
    start on the inside


Beauty, harmony and well-being

Whether as a beauty or well-being professional you practice in an institute, clinic or spa, Stendo® opens up new horizons.

The result of unique French know-how, STENDO® provides a new hands-free, patented and scientifically proven approach. Stendo® Pulsotherapy treatment, both on the surface and in depth, naturally boosts your cellular metabolism, improves your interactions, re-balances your tissues and gives you a deep feeling of well-being.

A new beauty ritual unique in the world

Detox and healing

The Stendo® draining treatment course acts on the tissues and energizes the lymphatic system, which has the effect of eliminating toxins and improving the cellular metabolism. If the action through the massaging suit, the well-being is also psychological.

Heavy legs

The Stendo® treatment with its microcirculatory purpose performs genuine vascular gymnastics in the legs and pelvis, reducing feelings of discomfort and heaviness and restoring lightness!


The Stendo® remodelling treatment course acts on cellulite. Because poor blood and lymphatic circulation no longer allows the body to function properly, cellulite settles in an unsightly way. Stendo® treatments boost the metabolism thanks to a protocol that is optimized and simple to implement, and refine the silhouette.

Relief from tension and relaxation

The Stendo® relax treatment means a very soothing moment for yourself. It acts on deep stress, relieves tension and regulates sleep.

Post-natal treatment

By combining a series of approaches tailored to the physiological needs of a young mother, the Stendo® “post-natal” course helps support the processes of tissue recovery and hormonal re-harmonization.

Stendo® Pulsotherapy optimizes the circulation and revitalizes the skin

Poor blood and lymphatic circulation lead to a drop in the nutrient supply essential for the life of our skin cells. In addition, sluggish lymphatic drainage results in skin discomfort and swelling. Add to this a way of life that is often synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle, which is harmful for our metabolism as well as for the immune system. The organ that displays the internal dysfunction is our skin! The epidermis becomes dull, the dermis loses density, the hypodermis becomes congested. Cellulite sets in. Stendo® makes it possible to break the vicious circle of circulatory and tissue deficit and to boost the proper functioning of our body. This is because the stimulation of blood circulation and tissues by the massaging system revitalizes the cellular metabolism and restores health to your skin, at the same time improving your well-being.

Seeing beauty and well-being differently

Stendo®Pulsotherapy treatments provide a special moment in which medical efficiency rhymes with relaxation and naturalness. Stimulation continually being coordinated with the heart rate of the user comfortably installed in the Stendo® massage suit, the person feels a series of pulsating massaging waves from the ankles to the abdomen. Eyes closed, the mind calms down while the body is energized and rebalanced.

Stendo® Laboratoire

17, rue du Port 27400 Louviers

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