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Re-education, health and prevention

After years of research, Stendo® Laboratoire has developed a unique and patented technique for stimulating the circulatory system, 100% natural, allowing the body to be completely at rest during the session. This new principle of action makes it possible to have a global therapeutic approach and greater synergies with other re-education techniques, with more superficial, localised effects.


Performance and recovery

Stendo® offers a new vision of massaging by bringing together all the conditions for a return to homeostasis in very short times and in an extremely simple and pleasant way for the athlete. In a genuine 'regeneration' process, Stendo® stimulates vascular dilatation by the nitric oxide pathway (endothelial stimulation), boosts the lymphatic pathways and mobilises muscle groups.


Health, vitality and youthfulness

Stendo® allows healthcare professionals involved in the care of the elderly to go far beyond simple symptomatic treatment and to broaden the therapeutic action with a more global, deeper and more preventive approach. Stendo® is the new solution for the loss of autonomy of seniors and in particular for physiological problems linked to the lack of movement, a slow metabolism, fatigue, and the loss of self-esteem.


Beauty, harmony and well-being

Stendo®: Resourcing, inner balance and beauty. The result of unique French know-how, STENDO®BODY provides a new hands-free, patented and scientifically proven approach. Stendo® treatment, both on the surface and in depth, naturally boosts your cellular metabolism, improves your interactions, re-balances your tissues and gives you a deep feeling of well-being. 


The new face of beauty

Unique in the world, the Stendo®FACE mask generates a succession of pulsating waves based in real time on the heart rate. For 30 minutes, more than 2,000 stimuli set the tissues in motion, trigger a profound vascular improvement and awaken the fibroblasts, the cells responsible for youth. The Stendo®FACE deeply stimulates the skin, helps reduce fine wrinkles, and improves the complexion with a natural and lasting rejuvenating effect.


Stendo® a revolutionary stimulation of the circulatory system

Stendo® is a cardio-synchronized massage device patented worldwide. Non-invasive, it spreads up to 1000 massaging pressures per minute, between each heartbeat. The Stendo® range is available in different versions tailored to the needs of Healthcare, Sport, Beauty and Well-being professionals.


Présentation de Stendo par Neuro Xtrain

Présentation de STENDO : pourquoi intégrer la récupération dans le cadre des stratégies de rééducations tournées vers l’actif ?

Stendo et les Séniors

Pourquoi Stendo serait un traitement utile pour les personnes âgées ? Avec l’âge, nous avons une perte de fonctionnalité qui n’est pas homogène. Nos cellules endothéliales subiraient-elles plus les aléas du style de vie et des habitudes alimentaires ?

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