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Unique tissue and circulatory stimulation to boost your Health, Well-being and Beauty results


microcirculation traitement naturel

Re-education, care and health

After years of research, Stendo® Laboratoire has developed a unique, patented, 100% natural technique for stimulating the circulatory system, allowing the body to remain completely at rest during the session. This new principle of action provides a global therapeutic approach and improved synergies with other re-education techniques, which have more superficial and localised effects.


massage de recuperation sportive

Sports performance and recovery

Stendo® offers a new vision of massage, bringing together all the conditions for a return to homeostasis, in a very short time and in a way that is extremely simple and pleasant for the athlete. A genuine 'decongesting' process, Stendo® stimulates vascular dilation via the nitric oxide pathway (endothelial stimulation), energises lymphatic channels and mobilises muscle mass.

Ageing well

stimuler defense immunitaire

Health, vitality and anti-ageing

Stendo® enables healthcare professionals involved in the care of the elderly to go well beyond simple symptomatic treatment and to broaden their therapeutic action with a more global, deeper and preventive approach. Stendo® is the new solution for seniors who are losing their independence, and in particular for the physiological problems associated with lack of movement, slow metabolism, fatigue and loss of self-esteem.

Body beauty

drainage lymphatique corps

Beauty routine, harmony and well-being

Stendo®: Resourcing, inner balance and beauty. Born of unique French know-how, Stendo® BODY offers a new approach, patented and scientifically proven. Stendo® treatments, both surface and deep-down, naturally boost your cellular metabolism, improve your exchanges, rebalance your tissues and give you a feeling of deep well-being.

Facial beauty

massage drainage lymphatique visage

The new face of beauty

The only one of its kind in the world, the Stendo® FACE mask generates a succession of pulsating waves based in real time on heart rate. For 30 minutes, more than 2,000 stimulations set the tissues in motion, triggering deep vascular improvement and awakening fibroblasts, the cells responsible for youth. Stendo® FACE stimulates the skin in depth, helping to reduce fine lines and improve the complexion with a natural, long-lasting rejuvenating effect.

Technique & technology

appareil massage professionnel

Stendo®, a revolutionary blood circulation stimulator

Stendo® is a cardio-synchronised massage device patented worldwide. Non-invasive, it delivers up to 1000 massaging pressures per minute between heartbeats. The Stendo® range is available in different versions to suit the needs of health, sports, beauty and wellness professionals.

Stendo® Laboratoire

17, rue du Port 27400 Louviers

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