The blood and lymph flows are stimulated in a 100% natural way in coherence with the patient’s own heart rhythm. It benefits from draining, healing, relaxing and anti-inflammatory effects witch accompany the functional rehabilitation and Health & Sport approach.

  • Blood and/or lymphatic circulation problems
  • Post-operative or post-traumatic functional rehabilitation
  • Sedentary and ageing consequences
  • Sport performance and recovery


Performance is largely conditioned by the perfect execution of the sporting gesture (biomechanics) and by the body’s ability to recover. By eliminating metabolic waste, the athlete improves his training programs, reduces the risks associated with the technopathies of his sport (pubalgia, inflammation, joint wear, fibrosis, reduction of muscular visco-elasticity) and more easily regains his high level of performance.


By acting on the global circulation in an innovative way, Stendo® purifies YOUR body, nourishes and energizes it.

  • Ritual for getting back into shape
  • Health & Beauty Course
  • Approach remodelling
  • Relaxation & Wellness
  • Sports Recovery

Device stimulator

«STENDO is a worldwide patented cardio-synchronized massage system. Non-invasive, it delivers up to 1000 massaging pressures per minute, between each heartbeat. »

The body is a fragile balance. Its proper functioning depends on our lifestyle, diet and physical activity.

At the heart of this balance is the cardiovascular system. With each heartbeat and each variation in rhythm, blood flow interacts with the interior of the vessels*, the ENDOTHELIUM, allowing the body to adapt to its own needs, particularly in terms of oxygen and nutrients.

Committed to maintaining good health and preventing wellness at any age of life, Laboratoire Stendo has been present on the French and international markets since 2016 and its device for the medical world has been certified as a Medical Device since June 2018.


Fine layer of cells lining the inner surface of the wall of blood and lymphatic vessels. It is involved in the dilation or construction of vessels. It plays a decisive role in inflammatory processes and also largely controls the cellular passage of circulating nutrients and hormones. Finally, it is involved in blood coagulation.

“The endothelium is sensitive to variations in blood flow.”

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