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The Stendo® vision: good circulation for the health of all

The story behind Stendo® is that of the meeting of two men who wanted to provide an answer to people seeking to improve their sense of well-being. Fascinated by technology, health, and driven by the goal of manufacturing in France, they pooled their know-how and invented an innovative, French process in the field of health and beauty. Intended for health and beauty professionals but also for individual users, the Stendo® process meets the expectations of doctors, physiotherapists, cures in beauty and re-education spas, thalassotherapy and beauty institutes, athletic coaching and training institutes, physiotherapists and coaches for high-level athletes, sports clubs, to name but a few.

The Stendo® mission: to boost the micro-circulation and lymphatic flow without medication

The story began in 2011, when Jürg Scheiwiller, President, together with Renan Leblé, Managing Director, created the Stendo® Laboratoire company to launch under exclusive license from Cardio Innovative Systems a new technique for bio-mechanical stimulation of the circulatory system based on discoveries by the winners of the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 1998. Jürg Scheiwiller, at the head of a textile fibre preparation company, brought the know-how that had already proven its worth, and the two men designed the Stendo® pulsating massaging suit. The venture was up and running!

Stendo® had invented the smart massaging textile for human health, well-being and performance.

Based on the research of the 1998 Nobel Prize winners in Medicine, Jürg Scheiwiller and Renan Leblé invented a textile with a massaging capacity which optimizes the circulatory processes and amplifies the bio-mechanical forces which are at the origin of nitric oxide production in our bodies. In so doing, they designed the high-tech Stendo® pulsating massaging suit, a genuine innovation, capable of non-invasive stimulation of the circulatory and microcirculatory systems without the addition of medicinal substances. Thanks to scientific data, the clinicians of the Stendo® Laboratory have developed physiotherapy and vascular re-education protocols defining highly precise and effective therapeutic approaches.




Health ahead of the curve based on the findings of the 1998 Nobel Prize winners Pr. Furchgott, Pr. J. Ignarro and Pr. Murad

In 1998, three American researchers, Pr. Robert Furchgott, Pr. Louis J. Ignarro and Pr. Ferid Murad, received the Nobel Prize for Medicine for their work on the endothelium, the inner single-cell layer of blood vessels, in contact with the blood. They demonstrated that, depending on variations in the heart rate, it produces nitric oxide (NO), a gas molecule vital for the balance of our bodies. A major efficiency factor in the diffusion of blood flow in our body, nitric acid acts as a genuine vasodilator of the vessels and helps optimize blood micro-circulation and the cellular metabolism. Nitric oxide, on the other hand, plays a very important role in controlling blood quality (platelet aggregation) and neurotransmission between certain organs. It also has a microbicidal anti-inflammatory role and in reducing oxidative stress (responsible for the ageing of our cells).

Jürg Scheiwiller

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