Stendo Laboratoire

At the heart of Normandy’s textile know-how

Stendo Laboratoire is installed, in Normandy, on the site of the AUDRESSET et FILS Textile Manufacturers, pioneers in the cashmere processing industry.

Official suppliers to Queen Victoria, the Industrial Company was recognized from the beginning of the 19th century for its ability to innovate in the production of thermo-regulating undergarments
for fragile children.

In line with the creativity and involvement in healthcare and well-being of the historical founder of the Manufacture, his descendants created Stendo Laboratoire and developed the first cardiosynchronized gel / air massage suit to stimulate the vascular system.

Stendo Laboratoire

French manufacturer and distributor of connected textiles, committed to good health and well-being.

“The body is a fragile balance. Its operation depends on our lifestyle, diet and physical activity.

At the heart of that balance lies the cardiovascular system. With each heartbeat, our blood vessels rhythmically pulse oxygen and nutrients to our cells. More slowly, the lymphatic vessels drain and evacuate waste. Stendo Laboratoire places Sport & Health innovation at the heart of that pulsatility and develops, day after day, solutions for the vascular system.

Stendo Laboratoire engineers, experts in connected textiles, design and develop in France non-invasive solutions that aim to stimulate this adaptability and boost physiological exchanges, for recognized therapeutic results