• Stendo®
    a revolutionary stimulation of the circulatory system

Technique & Technology

Stendo® a revolutionary stimulation of the corporal and facial circulatory system

The Stendo® process is a cardio-synchronized massage system created by the Stendo® Laboratory and patented worldwide. Non-invasive, thanks to a special massaging suit, it propagates up to 1000 massaging pressures per minute, between each heartbeat. it acts at the local level: in rhythm with the heart rate, massaging waves are pulsed from the ankles to the abdomen. It has a global effect: blood circulation and return flows are stimulated throughout the body.

the circulatory booster

Stendo® as in ENDOthelial STimulator. The endothelium is a tissue made up of cells which cover the internal walls of all the vessels, from the largest to the smallest, whether in the blood or lymphatic systems. It guarantees the efficiency of a network which is 170,000 km long, that is essential for the nutrition of our cells and the proper functioning of our organs, as well as our immune system. How can we preserve and stimulate it? By circulating its physiological fluids, because, like muscles, the endothelium also requires physical stimulation. Using exclusive, patented technology, Stendo® reproduces the vascular effects of physical activity and enables vascular gymnastics with deep and global effects.

  • Individualized treatment,
  • Very short compressive, durations (1/10th sec.),
  • An average of 25,000 pulsatile stimuli/30,
  • Intensities adapted to the vascular physiology,
  • Local effects followed by systemic reactivity,
  • Protocols adapted to chronic pathologies,
  • Very easy to use - and high profitability as a result.

A multi-layered, pulsating massaging suit for extraordinary tissue contact

Due to its stratified structure integrating an inner layer of gel (Stendo patent®), the pulsating massaging suit enables deep, global mechanical mobilization both at the connective tissue level and that of the vein and lymphatic vascular structures. Depending on the choice of intensity of pulsatility, the dynamics and length of the session, the therapist can focus the physiological effects by adapting them as best as possible to the needs of the patient and to the purpose of the session. Twelve independent compartments make up the structure of the suit, and the pulsatile compressions create a centripetal, homogeneous dynamic that is interposed in real time between each heartbeat.

A smartphone control application

The “My Stendo” Application allows the practitioner to control the session while enabling great latitude in doing so. The practitioner can maintain a healthy distance or move to undertake care with other patients/clients. The application displays the various physiological parameters of the subject and the progress of the session. The connectivity of the device enables constant updating of the programs.

Scientific certifications

Stendo® Laboratoire, certified ISO 13485, makes it a point to scientifically prove its claims in France and internationally. Clinical studies with the medical version of the Stendo® device have been conducted in university hospitals and are now officially published in renowned journals. (Pubmed). Studies in cardiology and diabetology are currently being finalized/published. Thanks to this scientific data, our clinicians have developed protocols adapted to the needs of each physiology and case to be treated.
(the medical CE1370 mark and all medical claims are only applicable to the medical version STENDO V3)

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