Endothelial stimulator

Cardio-synchronized massage devices, patented, 100% natural and dedicated to Health, Sport and Beauty targets.

The devices of the Stendo® range allow to reproduce circulatory effects comparable to those of moderate physical activity, while mobilizing in a precise and very respectful way the superficial tissues. Without any effort, with the subject at rest !

Cardio-synchronisation is the key of the Stendo® technique because it not only transfers a compressive force to the tissues but also triggers a physiological vascular adaptation reaction.

A technical massaging suit… for exceptional tissue contact.

With its stratified structure incorporating an internal layer of gel (Stendo® Laboratoire patent), the Pulsewave® suit provides global and deep mechanical mobilization of the connective tissue as well as the venous and lymphatic vascular structures.

Twelve independent compartments make up the structure of the body or arm suits and the pulsatile compressions create a centripetal and homogeneous dynamic interposed in real time between each heartbeat. The effects vary according to the choice of pulsatility intensity, dynamics and length of the session.