Performance, Recovery and Prevention

Are built from within

The new dimension of sports recovery

The human organism accumulates during the effort phases biological disturbances that are proportional to the type of activity and that require time for restructuring. During this phase, the body sets up a metabolic activity that is higher than normal and the dynamisation of circulatory activity is the key factor.

The Stendo® Sport protocols are a real process of ‘individualised cleansing’, mobilising muscle masses, stimulating vascular dilatation by means of nitric oxide (endothelial stimulation) and energising the lymphatic pathways. This overall stimulation contributes to metabolic recovery, normalization of the autonomic nervous system and promotes sleep. All this, with the body completely at rest, in total relaxation and in perfect coherence with the athlete’s heart rate.

The microcirculatory perfusion of Stendo® and its pulsatile mobilizing effect helps to reduce aches and pains (DOMS), restore the pre-stress muscular visco-elasticity conditions and prevent the appearance of chronic inflammatory symptoms.

Stendo®, an individualized booster for…

  • Global circulatory action
  • Deep muscle mobilization
  • The relaxation effect

Global circulatory action

Stendo® activates venolymphatic flows, creating optimal conditions for physiological recovery in a very short time and without any stress for the athlete.

Deep muscle mobilization

Stendo® tissue mobilization promotes the healing process of micro-lesions, optimizes the reconstruction of muscle fibers, mobilizes the fascia and regulates inflammatory processes.

The relaxation effect

The quality of the Stendo® cardio-synchronised massage in diastolic phase produces deep relaxing effects and promotes post-exertion sleep.