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In 1998, three American researchers, Prof. Robert Furchgott, Prof. Louis J. Ignarro and Prof. Ferid Murad were awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine for their discover on the endothelium, the single-cell inner layer of blood vessels in contact with blood. They demonstrate that the endothelium, according to the variations of the cardiac rhythm, produces a gaseous molecule vital for the equilibrium of our body, the Nitric Oxide (NO).

A major factor of efficiency in the diffusion of blood flow in our body, NO acts as a vasodilator of the vessels and contributes to the optimization of microcirculation and cellular exchanges. Furthermore, vascular NO plays a very important role in controlling blood quality in regulating inflammation and oxidative stress. Today being able to stimulate and to train in a very targeted way the endothelial reactivity of our vessels, without any effort for the body, offers new treatment perspectives in the field of Health, Sport and Well-being.

Some specialists consider the endothelium as ‘our own internal pharmaceutical factory’ capable of preserving our body’s functions.

Robert Furchgott