Rehabilitation, Health and Prevention

Are built from within

Mechanical stimulation in perfect heart harmony

If a 100% local approach can be envisaged on a bone or a joint, it is not the same if the rehabilitation concerns more complex tissue or vascular functionalities with complications related to fatigue, age, pain, inflammation, etc. The rehabilitation approach must inevitably become more global and above all respectful of the deep equilibrium of the organism.

In total coherence with the patient’s heart rhythm, Stendo® medical reproduces a “pulsatile” stimulation that precisely mobilizes the superficial tissues and dynamizes in a systemic and deep way the veno-lymphatic functionalities. This dual action also makes it possible to effectively regulate inflammation and act on pain.

Stendo®, individualized rehabilitation for…

  • Circulatory problems
  • Functional rehabilitation
  • The inflammatory phases
  • The “Healthy Sport” approach
  • Sports recovery

Circulatory problems, lymphedema, vascular disorders…

The Stendo® protocols adapt to the vascular target and can act on venous insufficiency or local or chronic lymphatic stasis. With its vascular gymnastics that progressively re-educates circulatory functions, Stendo® mobilizes tissues and dynamizes blood flow in a centripetal manner with a very delicate draining effect, without any return effect (dermal back flow).

Functional re-education, acute or chronic inflammatory phases: arthrosis, algodystrophy, lumbago,…

Thanks to its individualized pulsatile stimulation of the heartbeat, the Stendo® session reduces oedema, decongests the tissues, improves joint amplitude and promotes healing. In addition, the deep vascular stimulation generates a deep anti-inflammatory and pain-reducing effect.

Sport & Health” and Prevention approaches

Stendo® energizes the body from the inside, reduces congestion due to bed rest, sedentary lifestyle and age. It reduces fatigue, has a positive effect on morale and encourages the resumption of spontaneous physical activity.

Sports recovery

For those who have intense physical activity or excessive oxidative stress requiring optimal recovery, Stendo® mobilizes muscle masses while keeping the circulatory system awake, without any respiratory strain. Stendo® thus promotes the elimination of toxins, the reduction of aches and pains and deep relaxation.