Beauty, Harmony and Well-being

Are built from within

New ritual of inner beauty

The body is a fragile balance

Our lifestyle, diet and physical activity influence our blood and lymphatic circulation. With each heartbeat and every change in rhythm, blood flow interacts with the vessels, allowing them to adapt to the need for oxygen and nutrients.

The Stendo® treatment courses at the service of inner beauty.

Synchronized in real time with the heartbeat, the Stendo® combination produces a massage with deep and remote effects, for an unprecedented activation of blood and lymphatic circulation. The Stendo® beauty approach, both superficial and deep, naturally boosts your cellular metabolism, improves exchanges, rebalances the tissues and provides a deep feeling of well-being.

A new Stendo® care card for the…

  • Detox and rejuvenation
  • Heavy legs
  • Cellular exchanges
  • Relaxation and relaxation

Detox and rejuvenation

The draining action of Stendo® energizes the lymphatic system, mobilizes toxins and improves cellular exchanges.

Heavy legs

The Stendo® treatment with a microcirculatory aim performs real vascular gymnastics reducing sensations of discomfort and heaviness.

Cellular exchanges

The Stendo® reshaping treatment course increases intake, acts against cellulite and refines the silhouette.

Relaxation and relaxation

With a stimulation always coordinated in real time on the individual heartbeat, the Stendo® Relax Care offers a very soothing time for yourself, acts on deep stress and regulates your sleep.