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Re-education, health and prevention

Health professionals, re-education and prevention specialists! Come and see how Stendo® works and the extent of its fields of application. It acts in depth at the level of the vascular endothelium and makes it possible to reactivate the blood and lymphatic flows in an unprecedented way, with a more global therapeutic approach.

Stendo® : an autonomous assistant for complex and chronic care


Stendo® : the new stimulation that reactivates the circulatory capital

Our body draws additional resources from the blood and lymphatic circulation to be able to recover from an operation or a physical trauma, to heal, limit oedema, inflammation or even fight fatigue. The blood and lymphatic circulations act in concert: the first supplies the cells and therefore the organs with oxygen and nutrients, the second plays an important role for the immune system and the tissues.

During a trauma that affects the functioning of our body, or quite simply a fatigue which may be only temporary, our circulatory system is put under stress. It is therefore essential to provide additional help during re-education in order to act in synergy with the practices of healthcare professionals. Stendo® acts precisely at this level and helps boost the circulatory flows, thus optimizing the fluid balance, cellular interaction, regulation of the inflammatory processes and the recovery of functional capacities.

Local action

At the rhythm of the heart rate, massaging waves are pulsed from the ankles to the abdomen.

Global process

Blood circulation and return flows are stimulated throughout the body.

Circulatory problems, lymphoedema

With its vascular gymnastics which gradually re-educates the circulatory functions, Stendo® stimulates the blood flows and mobilises tissues in a centripetal manner with a very delicate draining effect.

Functional re-education and inflammatory phases

Stendo® generates vascular effects locally and at a distance with a deep anti-inflammatory action. The Stendo® session reduces oedema, improves the range of motion, reduces pain and promotes healing.

"Sport health" and prevention approach.

Stendo® energizes the body from the inside, reduces congestion related to bed rest, a sedentary lifestyle, and ageing. It reduces fatigue, acts positively on morale and promotes the resumption of spontaneous physical activity.

Sports recovery

Stendo® mobilises muscle masses while keeping the circulatory system alert, without any respiratory constraint.

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